Video Interviews as a Phone Screening Alternative

Video interviews can cut recruiting costs by nearly 50% and are a great way to decrease time spent on phone screenings or first round interviews.  Asking open-ended questions that focus on accomplishments and problem solving will help “weed out” those that are not good fits for the position and/or organization.



Top talent are more mobile than ever thanks to technology.  Accessing them means employing that same technology to get through to them.  Many organizations are beginning to embrace video interviews as a way to save time and money while increasing the pool of potential candidates.

There are many great reasons to replace phone interviews with video.

  • Increased convenience for candidates and hiring managers – Many vendors allow an organization to set up specific questions to be asked.  Candidates can record the video on their schedule.  Recorded interviews can also allow great access to passive candidates. 
  • Increased access to talent worldwide – Live interviews via Skype or Face Time allow candidates and hiring managers to have hiring conversations anytime, anywhere.
  • Decreased interview bias – The same questions are used for all candidates, which creates a level playing field.  Other biases based upon dress or handshakes are also eliminated.
  • Interview can be reviewed by more than one person – Videos can be viewed by several key decision makers to determine if the candidate should move onto the next stage.  This allows for a panel interview without placing the pressure of the panel on the candidate.

One of the biggest apprehensions with video interviews is that the candidate can script their responses.  If an outside vendor is used, the probability of this is low.  The organization will load in the questions.  When the candidate clicks start, the question will appear.  There will be a short time delay to allow the candidate to think about their response, and then the webcam begins recording.  Second or third takes are usually not allowed.  When viewing the final footage, hiring managers can look for body language, such as reading off a script.

Video interviews are not for everyone, organization and candidate alike.  Organizations should pilot a video interview program before completely abandoning phone screenings.  Phone screenings may never be completely eliminated for some.  Approximately one in three candidates will refuse to do a video interview.  It is up to the organization to determine if this is a self-selection process or if phone interviews will be conducted with those individuals.

Many video interviewing vendors can integrate into an existing ATS.  This allows for the video to be saved on the candidate’s file.  The hiring manager can make notes on the candidate and determine which first round candidates should be invited to the second round of face-to-face or live interviews. 

Video interviews are not a final decision-maker, but are a great way to screen many candidates in a short period of time.


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