Leadership for Career Success

Leaders can be found everywhere. One does not need to hold the title of Manager to be a leader within their team or organization. Some of the most successful leaders in an organization are those employees who are not managers, but are instead those individuals with a passion for helping others. Over the next three articles we will take a look at leadership as it relates to team members that may not necessarily be in a management position.



Leadership is often described as a “calling”, rather than a position gained through promotion. An effective leader can impact all aspects of a company – from the company image, to employee retention, to attracting and procuring top talent. These leaders do not have to be in a management position. They can be anyone who possesses the necessary skills and talent to effectively lead their peers.

While leading can be second nature for some, most great leaders are MADE not BORN!

What is the difference between a manager and a leader? Managers tend to delegate and oversee work performed by their staff. Leaders will do the same, but they tend to also coach their team through the tasks they perform. Leaders are not afraid lead by example and will readily be willing to get their hands dirty and “get in there” to help their team accomplish their tasks. They champion excellence while creating and broadening the skills base within the group.

Leaders set clear expectations at all levels with their peers. They provide detailed feedback on projects and goals and do not hesitate to solicit feedback as well. They remove barriers to progress and encourage their colleagues to think for themselves.

The most important qualities of a leader are often what they do not do. Great leaders understand that they should be personable with their colleagues, but know that they do not need to be their friends. They give credit where credit is due, thereby showing appreciation for their peers. This is true even if the leader did most of the work.

In addition, leaders understand that bullying is never acceptable at work. They strive to create an environment of positive collaboration and they do not resort to, nor tolerate playground antics.

Most importantly, leaders inspire. Top talent is drawn like a magnet to strong leadership for many of the reasons listed above. They will solicit the advice of a great leader and will want to collaborate with them on projects. If you are a good leader management will look to you to handle delicate situations and to mentor new or struggling teammates. As a good leader, your ability to inspire positive growth and behavior in others will easily make you the trusted “go-to” within your team.

Employees who aspire to be great leaders are a company’s greatest asset. They help create an environment that allows for and encourages higher productivity, which results in more revenue and meeting the goals set our for that productivity. Essentially, effective leadership is the glue that holds together all great businesses.

Next time, we will take a look at the common mistakes leaders make and how to avoid them.

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