Shared Traits of Great Hires

The process of finding your company’s next great hire can be overwhelming to the point of being paralyzing. There is so much pressure to find someone who not only has the appropriate skills and experience, but who will contribute to the overarching culture and team dynamic. When you feel yourself getting hung up trying to “check all the boxes”, look for these key traits that are indicative of a great future employee.



It can be all too easy to focus on avoiding making a hiring mistake. In fact, the fear of hiring the wrong person can be paralyzing to a hiring manager, and result in positions staying unfilled for longer. However, instead of focusing on what you do not want from a new hire, it may be more beneficial to focus on what you are looking for

Obviously a great hire will fulfill the requirements of the open position and organization. (Remember, the job description may have changed since it was last open!) In addition, there are other traits you can focus on to ensure that you are bringing the best talent onto your teams, including: 

Passion – Those who demonstrate passion for their career and your organization are great assets. With excitement about the work at hand, they can become an inspirational force within the team. 

Attitude – Education and experience are obviously important, but do not equate to the ability to perform to mean that they are the right fit for your company. It is best to hire for attitude and train for aptitude. 

Curiosity – Naturally curious people are always looking for ways to make work more efficient, cost effective, or meaningful. They can become a tremendous source of inspiration and innovation, and can contribute to idea generation and an overall creative environment. 

Self-motivation – Typically, managers spend too much time motivating their teams. Look for someone who is self-driven. These team members will be autonomous and productive with minimal need for management and will likely be a top performer. Just be sure to set up regular check-ins to ensure they get the support they need. 

While knowing the traits of a great hire is all well and good, it is also helpful to know where to find them. The best hires generally come from referrals. Referrals from individuals who are already high performing employees are particularly great because they know what it takes to be successful in your company, and what qualities would work best in a team dynamic. 

You can detect these traits through an initial interview, but also be sure to do your homework by looking at a person’s social media, and speaking to their references. 

At the end of the day, by focusing on these traits you can rest assured that you are making a smart hiring decision that will result in a productive and lasting relationship with your company.
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