Productivity Hacks for Your Office Space

In our last article, we discussed tips and tricks to help you become more organized. We continue this discussion with some strategies on how to make your physical environment more conducive to productivity.



Offices were designed to give people a dedicated space to perform their work. Until recently, the vast majority of workers could only perform their work at the office. The ability to work anytime from anywhere has allowed people to realize that they are able to get more done when working remotely some or most of the time.

Productivity begins to drain with the morning commute. Sitting in traffic or using public transit can increase blood pressure, anxiety, and stress. By the time you reach the office, you are feeling physically and mentally drained. The ability to work from home, a coffee shop, or the library can decrease stress while freeing up the time spent commuting to foster a healthy work/life balance.

While having a zero-minute commute is the ultimate productivity hack, it is not feasible for everyone. There are ways to make your office environment more conducive to productivity. Many offices consist of cubicles or open office designs. This layout can be noisy and distracting. “Quiet” and “Do Not Disturb” spaces can be created using unoccupied offices or conference rooms. These spaces allow team members to retreat to an area of minimal distraction and are a good alternative for those whose position do not allow for work from home options.

Listening to music throughout the work day is a huge mood and performance booster, thanks to the Mozart Effect. It has been proven that listening to classical music increases the ability to think long-term and abstractly. Listening to classical music while exercising can increase verbal fluency, cognitive functioning, focus, and concentration.

If you are looking to learn or focus, classical or instrumental music is best. If you are looking for inspiration for a workout or need an energy boost, anything with a faster beat works as well. Creative professionals can benefit from music with fifty to eighty beats per minute. When performing mundane tasks, such as cleaning, any music you enjoy will help lighten your mood and performance.

Staying focused and productive in a traditional office environment can be easy. A set of noise cancelling headphones and a music service like Spotify can provide the soundtrack to your day. If available, seek out a quiet space when needed.

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