Productivity Brain Boosters

Mental fatigue and an inability to focus can be the biggest contributors to a lack of productivity. While fostering great productivity habits is crucial, such as making lists and taking breaks, priming your brain for a productive day is just as important, perhaps even more important. This time we share ways to prepare your mind for maximum productivity.



Preparing your mind for a productive day begins with a full night’s sleep. Sleep allows for greater recall and decreases the risk for chronic health issues associated with sleep deprivation. Most people run optimally on seven to eight hours of sleep. However, research is showing that women and highly creative people may require up to ten hours of sleep per night. The more you are using your brain throughout the day, the more rest it needs at night.

To ensure a great night’s sleep, turn off the television, smartphone, and tablet one hour before bedtime. Reading in bed for 30 minutes and keeping the room temperature at 65 degrees will help the mind and body to relax.

In the morning, begin your day by creating a mental gratitude list. Starting the day on a positive note helps you focus on your goals and fosters positive thinking, which increases overall happiness. Reading the newspaper, a book, or magazine increases a sense of calm that will allow you to tackle the challenges of the day.

Physical and mental exercise at any point in the day will help increase memory. A thirty minute exercise session consisting of anything from walking the dog to participating in a group cardio or yoga class will help keep you physically strong and healthy. Completing crossword or Suduko puzzles will help keep your mind strong. Adding meditation to your day will help increase your attention, concentration, and the ability to recall information more readily while decreasing anxiety.

If you are feeling drained and need to reboot your mental system, do not be afraid to yawn. Yawning increases blood flow to the brain, which can give you a quick shot of mental energy. In fact, there are several studies being conducted that are looking at the length of a yawn as it correlates to brain size.

Preparing your brain for maximum productivity can be easy. All you need is enough sleep, physical and mental exercise, and a nice big yawn when necessary.

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