Incorporate Fun to Retain Talent

It’s called a work “family” for a reason. These are the individuals that we spend the majority of our time with, and whom we collaborate with on a daily basis to achieve common goals. Encouraging social interactions not only makes the office a more enjoyable place to be, it also increases the understanding and quality of communication between employees.  



Incorporate Fun to Retain TalentWe spend more of our waking hours
at work, interacting with our colleagues and clients, than we do at home.As social creatures, those we work with become a second family. As in
any family, there are times where everyone gets along and times where it
seems that everyone is on edge. If conflicts are not appropriately
managed, morale can suffer, causing top talent to begin looking
elsewhere. The burden usually falls on team leaders and managers to
keep everyone moving toward a common goal in both the best and worstof times.

One of key ways to maintain company morale, with the ultimate goal of retaining top talent and maintaining productivity, is to first understand the ebb and flow of emotions within groups. From there, begin
to develop ways to reinforce the organization’s mission and vision
through fun and effective team building.

The days of punching in at 9:00a.m. and punching out at 5:00 p.m., with set breaks and time for lunch are over. Technology allows us to be more
efficient. It also allows us to work from virtually anywhere, thus
extending most employees’ workdays way beyond the time they leave the office.

It is impossible to expect your teams to sit at their desks all day with
their noses to the grindstone, only interacting with each other during
scheduled meetings or on breaks. These types of expectations are
antiquated and are a recipe for talent retention disaster.

While managers and team leaders may find activities such as March Madness brackets and Fantasy Football teams to be distracting, allowing for
this type of fun has shown to help retention rates. It is during activities
such as these that team members who may not typically work together
are able to interact and share a common interest. Through these
interactions, the topic of work enviably comes up, and it is these conversations that spark innovations and collaborations.

There is a delicate balance between work and play, but if your team isconsistent in doing their work, and doing it well, there should be little tono need to micromanage work versus fun. Encourage the balance by
starting staff meetings with something social to create personal
connections and model that you can have fun and get work done.

It is proven that encouraging fun at work increases morale, productivityand retention. Modeling the appropriate times for fun within the workdayand allowing for conversations to occur will help your organization not
only attract, but retain top talent.
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