Attract Top Talent with a Recruiter

Working in Human Resources is so much more than just scheduling interviews and putting together offers. For razor sharp focus on the hiring process, it often helps to bring in a specialist—someone who can act as a trusted advisor for your company. Recruiters know all the tricks in the book, and can provide you with a short list of top candidates to vet for your open positions.



Everyone knows time is scarce. Yet more often than not, a hiring manager is juggling their workload, the workload of a departed team member, all while trying to fill that stubborn vacancy. When you are managing many high-level tasks at once, something inevitably is going to fall through the cracks. That is where utilizing a recruiter can help increase your ability to attract and procure top talent while significantly decreasing the time involved.

Attracting, procuring and retaining top talent is difficult right now. The job market is hot, and Grade A talent is in high demand. When a team member leaves—whether for another position, retirement, or personal reasons—the process to fill that vacancy can be overwhelming. And the added stress and workload certainly don’t help matters.

HR is the go-to department when it comes to all matters regarding human capital. While recruiting great talent is thought to be their main function, it likely isn’t. The bulk of their time is spent dealing with benefits issues, employee relations, and countless other special projects.

Think of recruiters as your trusted advisors. The best recruiters have a knack for delivering only the strongest candidates to the companies they work with. Many recruiters work with “sourcers” to uncover passive top talent, i.e. the needles in the haystack. Sourcers are highly trained professionals whose sole role is to uncover the best candidates for a specific opportunity. They provide the recruiter with a list of top talent that the recruiter then vets.

As a trusted advisor, a recruiter will work closely with Human Resources and the Hiring Manager. With a razor sharp focus on recruiting, you can trust that they will devote the necessary time to every step of the process: from performing the initial assessment, to pre-interview prep, and post-interview debriefing for each candidate. Recruiters can also help companies perfect their hiring process through pointed feedback from candidates that interviewed with the company.

In addition to vetting great candidates for your organization, recruiters can provide unbiased feedback on all aspects of hiring such as:

•   Job postings

•   Salary reviews

•   Application process

•   Interview feedback

•   Offer reviews

Utilizing a recruiter in your candidate search is a great step in attracting top talent while decreasing your time to fill vacancies. When the decision is made to partner with a recruiter, it is important to make certain it is a person or firm that fully understands the needs, goals, and culture of your company. This can be a long process in and of itself, but in the end, finding the right person to help with talent acquisition is invaluable.

If attracting, procuring, and retaining top talent are proving to be more difficult than anticipated, it might be time to bring in reinforcements. If so, please feel to contact us to learn more about how our services can support your company’s recruitment efforts.

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