7 Mistakes that Could Get You Fired

It can be difficult to completely separate your personal and professional lives. It is important, after all, to be personable with those that you work with, in order to gain the necessary trust and amenability one expects when successfully working with others. However, being personable with others and getting personal through your actions are two different things entirely. Keep reading to learn some of the most commonly made mistakes that one can easily make that can put your job at risk.



Major Office Faux Pas to Avoid

The longer you work at an organization, the more comfortable you feel. Your coworkers become a second family. While it is great to have a certain level of comfort and camaraderie at work, it can also allow you to become too comfortable and make some serious mistakes that can potentially get you fired.

Mistake 1 – Telling inappropriate jokes or stories. There seems to be one in every crowd, the person who shares stories of their latest dating adventure or always has an off-color or political joke. It is important to realize that these stories and jokes may be fine to share with friends, even friends who are also coworkers. However, they should not be shared at the office as they may make people feel uncomfortable or even unsafe at work.

Mistake 2 – Negativity. Everyone wakes up on the wrong side of the bed or has a bad day. Chronic negativity and poor attitude can cause your manager to wonder if you are still the best fit for your position.

Mistake 3 – Misuse of company technology. Each organization has their own policy on the use of company technology for personal use. Even if you are within the guidelines, excessive use of company technology for purposes other than work can land you in hot water.

Mistake 4 – Solicitation. Again, many organizations have policies on solicitation. Many managers look forward to Girl Scout cookie season, but if you are constantly soliciting sales for a fundraiser or charity it could result in action from management.

Mistake 5 – Public sharing of opinions. Everyone is free to express their opinions. However, if you publicly share your opinion while in uniform or identify yourself as an employee of a specific company, that can be grounds for termination. If approached by the media and asked about your company, respectably refrain from comment without expressed permission from the organization.

Mistake 6 – Over drinking on company time. Partaking in an alcoholic drink is a very social event. Holiday parties and company picnics are a time to relax and enjoy the company of your coworkers. A glass of wine at a company dinner is not uncommon. However, becoming drunk at any company function is not acceptable.

Mistake 7 – Romantic relationships with coworkers. With all of the time spent at the office, it is possible that Mr. or Ms. Right crosses your path. This can be a very wonderful occurrence. As soon as the relationship is established, it is important to inform both your manager and human resources. Many companies have guidelines for dealing with office romances. Not complying with these policies can lead to heartache.

While many of these mistakes seem benign, it depends on how often or long the mistake is being made that can determine your fate with your current organization. If you recognize yourself in any of these mistakes, the best course of action is to fix the mistake right away.

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