About Us

We can look well beyond an Executive’s network and truly tap into theTop 5% of Sales, Delivery and Services candidates in your competitive space.

Our approach is simple but vigorous. We attend every industry event we can and we tirelessly footprint every company in YOUR space so we know where the BestSales, Delivery and Services people are located. This way we’re prepared BEFORE the need arises. We then separate the Top 5% from the mediocre very quickly.

Our searches are successful because we work in a relationship manner and not in a transactional manner. We go through a very detailed process of interviewing you the hiring authority and then the candidate. In essence you will only see their resume if they can articulate the processes and circumstances to back up their claims of accomplishments. You then see three resumes and NOT 25.

A “wave” is not the ocean. So often hiring authorities interview a number of candidates that they find on their own and think that they have experienced “the ocean.” They have merely seen a “wave” of candidates that represent one point in time. With our perspective of constantly recruiting and interviewing candidates, our net is very broad and very deep. If given the chance, we can quickly refer the highest quality candidate available.