Want to Fill Vacancies with Grade A Talent?

Top talent is out there, but they have many options. Make sure that your organization is doing everything in its power to encourage top talent to apply, and that you are not losing great candidates in the application process. If you are going to fill your vacancies with Grade A talent, make sure you avoid these common mistakes, and that you leverage your internal resources.



ime is the primary barrier to filling vacancies with Grade A talent. In a job market that is plentiful and now global, candidates have many options. If your recruitment process is attracting talent, but your hiring process is not ideal, you will lose out not only on the talent, but also in revenue due to the vacancy.

Top talent—both active and passive—do not want to spend time completing lengthy applications, nor do they need to. Too many applications ask for a resume, but then also require the applicant to manually enter nearly all of that same information as part of a separate process. These types of applications are the most frequently abandoned.

Another common frustration is an application process that seems like a black hole. How often have you submitted an online request, received the automatic thank you email, and then…nothing? Imagine if you were responding to a job opportunity that really excited you. You spend time and energy preparing your resume and cover letter. You hit send and receive a generic response and that’s it. Nothing else.

Avoid the black hole by having a streamlined internal process that closes all the loops with each candidate. If they are not a good fit, let them know right away. If their application is under review, they’ll be excited to hear it! Build trust and respect with all candidates by communicating at every stage of the review process.

If you find that your recruiting process is not attracting top talent, look for other ways to get in their consideration set:

•   Utilize social media to engage your customers. Give them a sense of who your company is and what you stand for. A good impression could turn customers into candidates.

•   Implement an internal referral program. Incentivize your employees to recruit those that they think would be a good fit and that they would vouch for.

•   Reconnect with the “ones that got away”. While great team members may have moved on, they could be interested in coming back and are already familiar with your organization.

When it comes to attracting top talent, you need to first look for ways to effectively engage them. Streamlining the application process and communicating with applicants will save time for all parties involved. This, along with other creative means to attracting talent, will help your organization fill vacancies with Grade A employees.

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