Knowing your Business and Brand is the Key to Better Recruiting

The bane of any hiring manager is a stubborn vacancy. Either the position has been open for weeks, even months, or it is a revolving door of people who seem to leave as soon as they get started. These types of situations are not only bad for the bottom line, but also talent retention.

Keep reading to learn how to become better at recruiting to avoid future stubborn vacancies.



If you have been struggling with finding the right candidates or keeping a stubborn vacancy filled, ask yourself, “how well do I know this specific role?” If you are not entirely sure, it is time to invest some time learning and experiencing the role you are recruiting.

It is effortless to become out of touch with the day-to-day tasks that your teams handle. Over time you may not even realize how a specific role has evolved and changed. Your team members may not even know it as well. If you oversee multiple teams in one or numerous locations, the scope of work done by each individual may vary.

Know what your business does, what your deliverable is beyond the product or service. This knowledge should include understanding what the people who perform the work value, their struggles, frustrations, and what is and is not working. This is vital to not only supporting your teams but also in becoming better at recruiting new team members. All of this will help uncover potential issues within the organization and allow you to create job postings and find talent that can fill in the gaps or relieve pressures on the existing staff.

Investing time in learning more about the positions you are recruiting for will allow you to recruit more effectively and will enable you to spot “the one” when that candidate is in front of you at an interview.

The best way to learn or become more aware of what the team does daily is to:

  • Do the job for a week.
  • Attend team meetings if you do not already do so.
  • Have lunch with department heads, team leaders, and team members.
  • Attend trainings for areas of the business that you do not fully understand or that is undergoing change or growth.
  • Travel to other locations and sit with team leaders and their teams.

Taking the time to understand the roles that you are recruiting for will dramatically decrease stubborn vacancies, and revolving door hires. This investment will pay off in a multitude of ways in the immediate and distant future.
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