Employment Branding on Your Website


Creating an employment brand is quite the undertaking.  When the message is complete, it is important that the same time and effort is spent sharing that message.  This time, we take a look at ways to implement employment branding on your website.



Developing a successful employment branding strategy is important for all organizations that want to remain competitive in the war for talent.  All the time, energy, and capital spent are for naught if the message is not shared.  There are inexpensive ways to get the word out.


The single best way to implement employment branding is through the organization’s website If the website is more than two years old, it is probably time for a refresh.  This is the perfect opportunity to showcase the employment brand.  Since social media is a huge means of sharing the message, adding plug-ins linked to the organization’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages will kill two birds with one stone.


When replacing an existing site or creating a new-and-improved site, don’t neglect the Careers page.  One of the best, inexpensive ways to broadcast the organization’s employment brand is through compelling job posts The first three sentences of the post should pique the reader’s interest in the organization AND the opportunity.  Highlight perks such as “cutting edge technology, “professional development opportunities or “volunteerism.  Have a map and picture of the office on the page so applicants can picture themselves there.  Finally, make it easy to apply for the opportunity.


The Careers page should have a list of the top five or ten reasons to work for the XYZ Company.  Create even more interest with pictures of the organization at work and at play.  Video interviews with new hires are a great personal touch, especially if applications are submitted through the site.


The Home page or About Us page is an excellent opportunity to outline the organization’s values and mission.  This is where the entire branding strategy comes to life.  Sharing the history of the organization, however long or brief, lends credibility.  This is a great place to include a video interview of the founder(s) or CEO to humanize the company.  These types of videos create a more favorable response from customers.  Since all customers are potential employees, this is a perfect opportunity to share the employment brand.


The organization website is the home of the employment branding message.  The pages most critical to showcase the message are the Career and Home or About Us.  However, it is important to have consistent messaging through the website.  In our final article of the series, we share social media strategies as they relate to employment branding.


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