Hiring Authorities

1 We give you access to “A” players (Candidates that are currently working with your competition or peripheral type companies) in your space. Typically, they are not actively looking, hunting, or seeking the next career jump. We specialize in locating “Top Talent” that our hiring authority can’t get their hands on. THE RESULT: Help increase your company’s revenue by ramping up the new Sales candidate in the shortest amount of time. Speed to Market, Speed to Revenue.

2 Quicker time to place someone or replace someone in a territory so you don’t lose market share. Funny Comment: a hiring authority once said the only person selling anything in my southeast territory is my competitor. (Not the ideal situation when you’re the VP of Sales, President or CEO).

3 There are two types of candidates: (A) candidates that have sold a product similar to yours, to hiring authorities similar to yours and can affect the bottom line of your company ASAP OR (B) candidates willing to learn about your product and customers on your dime and your time.

We only provide “A” candidates. Contact us today to learn more.